The Legend of Link: A Fan Film

This movie is still in production.  It's going to be amazing!  The actors are fantastic and I have loved seeing these characters come to life in my costumes!  The challenge in these costumes came when I made 3 Yiga Clan costumes.  I didn't know the measurements of the actors wearing these, but was told they were "thin, and tall"  So, I tried to use a high quality fabric with enough stretch to accommodate 3 different sized people, while still using the same pattern I made for each of them.  It was a challenge for sure, and while it was SUPER tight on one guy, (and tore in some places before filming even started, lol), they looked amazing. The Yiga Clan don't wear loose costumes, so it was important that they were tight, so they would look right.  Thankfully, only one needs repairs and to be enlarged a little after the initial trailer filming. 

More information to come!