Destiny 2

This week I finished up a fun project!  With the upcoming release of Destiny 2 this week, I made a Hunter Cosplay from the new game.  I didn't anticipate how time consuming this would be, but the end result looks fantastic!  Then we filmed a fun video to predict the excitement of fans everywhere who can't wait to play the new game this week!  Work or Play... that can be a tough call sometimes!  

Check out this fun video!

BTS video of Justice League Costumes

If you haven't seen the video of the amazing photoshoot I was a part of with Josh Rossi, please, scroll down the blog and find that link.  For those of you that want a little insight into what goes into making those costumes, please watch the video below or follow the link to go to youtube and watch it on my channel! Let me know if you want specifics into a particular costume!

New YouTube Channel!

Check out the first video on my channel showing some fun behind the scenes photos of how I made the Power Ranger Costumes for Ninja Kidz TV!  Like I mentioned in the blog earlier, these helmets were difficult to figure out, since they were for children, but the end result was awesome.  In this video you see a quick version of some of the craziness that goes into making stuff out of EVA foam.  I Love EVA foam and use it all the time!  Here you can kind of see how I create a paper pattern first, trace it on foam and cut it out, glue, dremel, heat, paint, etc... Check it out below!

Justice League Costumes

This was one of the most amazing projects I've been able to be a part of.  The children photographed were so inspirational and special.  I had a crazy deadline to finish these, and didn't get a good nights sleep for 3 solid weeks.  When the final week came I didn't get more than a couple hours of sleep a night, and the last 48 hours before the photoshoot I was up straight in order to get them done.  It was a crazy whirlwind, but the end result was an experience I will never forget.

Ninja Kidz TV: Power Rangers

These costumes were a challenge because I had two other projects going on at the same time and these were needed as quickly as I could get them done.  So, after much trial and error, I finally figured out the helmet patterns and got them finished.  It was a challenge to figure out a comfortable helmet that kids could easily take on and off (and not be bothered by with a tight fit), but also stay on the head during flips and fighting.  I think the end result was pretty cool.  Check out these amazing kids!

The Legend of Link: A Fan Film

This movie is still in production.  It's going to be amazing!  The actors are fantastic and I have loved seeing these characters come to life in my costumes!  The challenge in these costumes came when I made 3 Yiga Clan costumes.  I didn't know the measurements of the actors wearing these, but was told they were "thin, and tall"  So, I tried to use a high quality fabric with enough stretch to accommodate 3 different sized people, while still using the same pattern I made for each of them.  It was a challenge for sure, and while it was SUPER tight on one guy, (and tore in some places before filming even started, lol), they looked amazing. The Yiga Clan don't wear loose costumes, so it was important that they were tight, so they would look right.  Thankfully, only one needs repairs and to be enlarged a little after the initial trailer filming. 

More information to come!

Kid Snippets: Batman vs Superman!

The creators of this hilarious channel contacted me for costumes for this fun skit.  I love the end product.  Batman vs Superman couldn't be funnier in this classic kid snippets video, where kids decide what the characters say, and adults act and lip-sync to the adorable kid voices. Check it out for yourself!  

In this skit, you will see the superman costume that I made for Shawn Barrowes' SuperLove music video.  Alongside Superman in this skit, is Batman, of course.  I previously made this costume for a Batman fan-film, and I was lucky enough I didn't need to make any adjustments to either costume!  

Emergence - A Star Wars Fan Film

If you haven't seen Emergence yet, you have to follow the link and watch it!  The amount of love and talent put into this movie was nothing short of amazing.  The cast and crew were so kind and fun to work with.  I was honored to be the costume maker for this film. 

The Jedi costumes were made out of linen in different colors, and the robes are 100% wool, to give them an "authentic" Star Wars look.  The alien villain was a unique blend of different fabrics, and the design was based off of a strange fish from deep in the sea.  I can't remember the name of it right now but if I do, I'll come add it to this post.  These costumes were truly a labor of love and the film has won a few awards, so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out!

Super Love by Shawn Canon (Barrowes)

Check out this amazing music video I was able to be a part of.  It was a delight to work with these dancers and outfit them for their roles as Superman and Wonder Woman.  I loved being on set and watching these characters come to life!  

Shawn Barrowes is an amazing vocalist who writes such fun music!  The team he brought together to create this was so talented in their area of expertise, and the end result is perfection!  It's truly an EPIC video that everyone should see!